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HARRIET is a research project conducted by Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) in the University of Warwick. The goal of the HARRIET project is to deploy the Hub of All Things (, a platform created from another WMG project, into real households and then develop a Resource Integration and Enabling Tool (HARRIET). HARRIET will assist individuals to better understand their household consumption behaviour and make ‘smarter’ decisions to plan and live better lives based on their own data stored on the HAT. In order to observe household behaviour “in the wild” WMG will work with BCC as well as private sector partners which will act as providers and deployers of the HAT technology into the home. The HAT will allow individuals to collect data from sensors within their homes and put the sensor data in the context of their day-to-day decisions by collecting detailed data about event-driven household practices We will also conduct decision making studies (behavioural experiments) which would allow us to collect the data on day-to-day purchasing and consumption behaviour and gain a better understanding of the possible disparity between ‘what people buy’ and ‘what people consume’. We will use the most recent advances in decision science to understand and anticipate consumers’ wants and needs.

What do we want to do?

HARRIET aims to provide individuals with a toolbox to effectively process and analyse their own data in order to optimise consumption and purchasing behaviour and even trade their own data with the private sector. HARRIET will also inform public and private sector partners about a wide variety of new business models in which horizontal (context-specific) data can be utilised to generate revenue as well as provide a platform for testing these business models.