HAT Living Labs

HAT Living Labs (HALL) is a £1.2m EPSRC-funded experimental research environment within the Hub of All Things live ecosystem. Involving researchers from the Universities of Warwick, Cambridge, Surrey and West of England, HALL is centred around understanding service and economic/business model innovation.

HALL gives academics real, privacy-preserving subject data and insights. It lets individuals volunteer live data for research, so that research projects can use real-world data generated in real time.

Live data shared in real time

Research participants are issued a special user account called a “HAT.” With it they can store personal data in a way that’s private, and that can be shared with you for your study.

Private data accounts to store and share data with researchers

The HAT Research team provides support, resources, and funding for HALL Research projects around the world.

Put forward your research project today

Individuals should be one of the key driving forces of innovation. Their needs, their preferences, and their behaviours in the real world shape how organisations make new solutions, goods, services, and business models.

By connecting researchers, developers, companies, simulations, and real-world individuals, HALL is creating an open innovation process that is actively user-focused.

HAT Research Partnerships: Discover the revolutionary new way of conducting research 

HALL Invitation to Research: Propose your own research on the HAT platform to understand service systems, markets, innovation and economic/business models