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The HAT Living Labs (HALL) is inviting proposals for research on its empirical platform for the understanding of service systems, markets, innovation and economic/business models. Research Directors Irene Ng and Roger Maull are inviting researchers in residence, and those who wish to access the platform data, or interview stakeholders.

What types of data are available for analysis? They include:

  • Trading of personal data by popularity (data points and combinations)
  • Average price of trades against popular data points combinations
  • Characteristics of trading among demographic groups
  • Trading patterns according to various industries or even companies

Also data on ecosystem stakeholders, strategies, decisions pertaining to the innovation, management, support and roll out of the platform through emails, discussions, interviews, minutes and notes.

Read more about the HALL’s research agenda in this blogpost by HALL Research Director Mike Dixon.


 How to Submit Your Proposal

  1. If you’re interested in submitting a proposal for consideration, first  consult with the HALL’s Area Research Directors on topics of interest. These Area Research Directors are thought leaders and senior academics in their domain areas; they incentivise HAT research as well as curate a repository of research on the HAT in their areas. We currently have Area Research Directors in the domains of Block Chains, Cognitive Assistance, Digital Innovation and Healthcare, Innovation of Markets, and Wellbeing. For any queries outside these areas, please consult Irene Ng or Roger Maull.
  2. Once you have decided on your topic of interest, please fill out the application form below and also send your CV and a two-page research proposal to Susan Wakenshaw.
  3. If your application is approved for support from HALL, you will be required to obtain your own HAT so that you can become better acquainted with the system. To get a HAT, please visit hatters.hubofallthings.com

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