Alpha HAT is here!

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Alpha HAT is here!

Please note that Alpha HAT Sign-up has ended, you can now get Beta HAT by support us on Indiegogo

Following our issue of the HAT technical briefing paper and the pre-Alpha HAT in Oct 2015,  we are now releasing the Alpha version of the HAT for testing by the community.

This Alpha release of the HAT is yet to contain all of the features that we have planned for the final version; this also means that it may still contain bugs and could crash. So we are counting on you, our early adopters and development community, to give us constructive AlphaHATfeedback and help make the HAT better. But the good news is that this version will include a (very) basic version of our Hyperdata Browser for your HAT data.

If this is the first time that you’ve heard of the HAT, please visit our website where you can find more information including our vision and design of the HAT ecosystem via our briefing papers. In summary, the HAT consists of a database schema, a data logic layer and APIs within a trust framework that enables individuals to self-service (contain, transform, bundle and exchange all types of personal data) their personal data to reveal their contextualised insights and share the right information (quality and quantity) with the right people, in the right situations, for the right purposes, and to gain the benefits.

So what’s new in the Alpha HAT? In this Alpha release (Nov 2015) of the HAT, we have included:

  • Bundling of contextualised data
  • Data Debit support for both contextualised and contextless data bundles
  • Inbound data services including:
      1. Facebook events, timeline and profile
      2. Calendar (iCal format)
      3. iOS location
  • Scripts for deploying HATs locally and in a Docker container
  • API testing (core HAT codebase coverage 80%+)

The Alpha HAT is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. This means that you can use, copy and redistribute the Alpha HAT in any medium or format, as long as it is in its original form (without remix, transform, or build upon) and your work is not for commercial purposes. To view a copy of this license, visit

If you are interested in the commercial license of the HAT, it will soon be available as part of membership with the HAT ecosystem which will give HAT Platform Service Providers (HPPs) and HAT Application Providers (HAPs) the ability to interoperate globally and tap into HAT Data Exchange (HATDeX) services such as certification, compliance and aggregate metadata services (to show favourite bundles, collections etc.). Read this blogpost for more about the HATDeX.

If you simply just want a HAT and don’t want to get your hands dirty with too much tech muddling, you can sign up to receive a commercial HAT when this is launched. This will be available to individuals and organisations on a freemium basis, along with some initial applications provided by our HAT Platform Providers (HPPs), the first two of which are Enable iD in the UK and Europe, and Noggin Pte Ltd in Singapore.

If you are from the development community and want to gain a better understanding of the HAT-based personal data ecosystem and have a play with the HAT, please:

  • Join our discussion forum


Going forward…

The HAT is still evolving rapidly, and everyone is very welcome to contribute! More features are coming in the Beta release of the HAT in April, and we are currently working on the following:

    1. Data Schema documentation
    2. An improved hyperdata browser (see pre-release information on RUMPEL – coming soon!)
    3. Pre-defined contextualised bundle cases
    4. HAT-to-HAT direct and private data sharing
    5. SSL encryption of communications (client and server verification)
    6. More inbound data services to acquire your own data into your HAT including –
      • Fitbit
      • Myfitnesspal
      • Fibaro
      • Withings
      • and if you have something else to suggest, do drop us a note in the forum

Thank you to all again for joining us on this adventurous and exciting social movement to regain control of our personal data, and happy playing with the Alpha HAT!


Sign Up for your Alpha HAT

As part of the Alpha HAT release, we are making HAT available to 50 early adopters. However, to get your Alpha HAT, you will need to opt into the HARRIET research, which manages the Alpha HAT system. This means that your data is not private as the research team will need to test and make sure things are not broken etc. (this is the ALPHA version after all!) and therefore they will be able to see your data. If this makes you uncomfortable, so wait for the Beta version that will be launching globally in April! You can sign up here to be a Beta HAT user

Please also note that we only have 50 HATs available at the moment, and we will combine your signup time and your digital activeness (calculated from the survey) to determine if you qualify to get the Alpha HAT.

2 thoughts on “Alpha HAT is here!

    Peter Michael Ward said:
    December 1, 2015 at 10:15 pm

    I started filling in the questionnaire to get an Alpha HAT but I stopped when I found I was filling in page after page of personal data on “how I see myself”, my views on politics, etc. If these questions are critical to obtaining a HAT then I don’t think I want one. If they’re just a test to see who will share personal data to get a freebie then that sounds like there are ethical questions to answer that the Ethics Committee would like to know about. Can you please explain their purpose?

      Irene Ng said:
      December 2, 2015 at 12:02 pm

      Thanks Pete, for the feedback. We knew we will be tripping up on Alpha so thanks for flagging this. I have spoken to the HARRIET research team on this and the survey will be modified to include an opt out for questions.

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