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Pre-Alpha HAT Download

The pre-Alpha HAT consists of:

  1. The full relational database schema for contextualising an individual’s data in a way that it makes sense to the data owner
  2. APIs for writing inbound data plugs to import individual’s data into their HAT APIs for contextualising incoming data into the 5 categories of:
    • People (yourself and the people you interact with);
    • Things (what you use or interact with, especially those IoT devices);
    • Events (what happens to you or what you do in time);
    • Locations (where is the stuff around you is happening);
    • Organisations (what organisations or institutions these activities relate to)
  3. APIs to tag (when applicable) these entities and each of their properties with Types and Units of Measurement
  4. Data-bundling APIs for selecting what data can be shared with other users and organisations (without contextualisation, contextualised bundle will be available in HAT alpha release)
  5. Direct Data Debit implementation to allow others to request access to the data bundles, to grant or withdraw access to data debits and to access linked data when approved

Detailed configuration guilds are available at the HAT GitHub repository (



HAT Wiki

A repository of all technical documentation for developers and HAT platforms to have access to as a resource. (Last updated in 2014)



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