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Join the HAT Revolution!

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Join the HAT Revolution!

I want a HAT!

canstockphoto1231499-1Like very many people, I have worried about my privacy on the web, I’ve shrugged when posting data about my life despite recognising that I’m giving away copyright in the content, and sometimes puzzled for hours trying to make connections between various sources of information needed to plan or make decisions about my life. I can’t combine and share data from multiple sources. Having my own “hub-of-all-things” will help me with all these issues. But to make it really work – so that consented data exchange can become the basis of new markets – we need to get HATs to lots and lots of people. To do this we need a bit of a revolution!

I’ve been privileged to work with Professor Irene Ng for a number of years, most recently with her team from Warwick, Cambridge, Surrey, UWE, Nottingham and Edinburgh Universities working on the HAT Project, a £1.2m research project funded by the Research Councils UK Digital Economy Programme. Working in conjunction with many industry and commercial partners, the research project has developed the HAT: a technology that enables us as individuals to collect, control, combine and share our personal data with privacy. And we have a “hyper-data browser” to help us search and view our collections of data in just the way we want, and in any way we want.

The HAT research project has come to a close at the end of November 2015, and the next step is to scale-up the HAT “ecosystem” or community of HAT users. We will do this through a new social enterprise: the HAT Foundation and its operating company HAT Data Exchange Ltd working closely with our launch HAT platform partners Enable iD and Noggin Asia.


The HAT: What’s Next

The HAT Foundation’s immediate mission for 2016 will be to promote widespread take-up of HATs by individuals to complement the commercial projects to be delivered by EnableiD and Noggin. It is our intent that in all cases the “basic” HAT – a personal data store that supports consented data exchange – will be made available to individuals for free with a small charge being made for some of the value added services, depending on the platform provider’s business model.

We are planning a public launch of the HAT Foundation during the first quarter 2016 and intend to make a number of releases of HAT and HAT Apps during the first half whilst engaging broad, world-wide support through a parallel kick-starter campaign. Our near-term aspiration is to have 100s of millions of HATs worldwide within a few years.

The future is HAT-enabled! Look at your data your way and put yourself at the hub-of-all-things. To join the revolution, register at: