Building a Hard HAT

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Databox project

CONTriVE is working with the £1.5M Databox Project to develop a device that could house a ‘hard-HAT’ to complement the current cloud-based HATs. Dr. Richard Mortier, a Co-I on both CONTriVE and the Databox projects, is building a data processing framework allowing data processors to compute over cohorts of data subjects in a world with Databoxes (i.e., where data subjects’ data is distributed into and accessed via individual devices).

Like CONTriVE, the Databox project is funded by the EPSRC’s Trust, Identity, Privacy and Security in the Digital Economy Theme. The project is exploring design and development of the Databox as means of enhancing accountability and giving individuals control over the use of their personal data.

For further information about the Databox project, visit: or Databox forums at Also, view this series of videos to get a better understanding of the Databox concept and how it works for your personal data.


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