Context and use

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Context and Use

As we begin our project on the Hub of All Things I am becoming increasingly aware of other people talking about context. The questions that come up are “What does ‘what you are doing’ effect the things around you?” OK, as far as I can see at the moment, it pretty much doesn’t. But what if it could? What are the opportunities?

I was thinking about this and remembered my friend James as a kid having a really cool car stereo which had a microphone on it. It got louder and quieter depending on background noise so it notionally stayed the same volume. That was ….. oh dear …. 22 years ago which makes me feel old. Tonight I was drying my daughter’s hair with a hair dryer and she couldn’t hear her Peppa Pig DVD so I turned it up. When I finished and turned off the hair dryer suddenly the DVD player was way too loud until I managed to turn it down. It didn’t respond to the change in context – 22 years later.

So, what are contexts and contextual archetypes? I am learning about this. What are the common contexts that we may recognise?

Lovely piece here by Bryan Clark looking at how your TV could display differently depending on what you are doing.

Responsive Television Bryan Clark

It would appear that there are lots of opportunities to respond to context and the technology has been around for over two decades. What other contexts and technologies could open up new opportunities for business? Feels like that is the space that immediately I find interesting, but I full expect other things to come up.

In this project we will seek the contexts and hopefully open the door to business to provide some answers. And hopefully I will get the hang of blogging about it.

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