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Enter the HAT Foundation canstockphoto11877742

It’s a very busy time for us in the HAT team as the HAT research project winds down and a new chapter opens – the HAT Foundation!
We are in the midst of going through all the red tape and documentation necessary to start this off. If you wish to know more about the what, why and hows of the HAT Foundation, download and read the HAT Briefing Paper 5. Do also read this earlier blogpost about the need for a collective such as the Foundation.
Also, as we will soon be morphing into the HAT Foundation, there will be a need to  re-do websites etc. Don’t worry – all our papers, blogs etc. will still be here – this website is a useful repository of the research!
Make sure you like our Facebook page and sign up onto our mailing list so that you are updated on the latest news on the HAT and the big social movement coming up!
And do have a look at the presentation slides from my HAT lecture on Nov 5, 2015 – The HAT (hubofallthings.com): Research Insights, the Present & the Future of the Personal Data Economy  as this will give you a taste of what’s to come!

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