Area Research Directors

The HALL has appointed several Area Research Directors to take charge of curating a repository of research on the HAT in their respective domain areas. They are senior academics and thought leaders in their areas, and their role is to ensure that this knowledge repository grows to help support all new researchers coming into the HALL.

Area Research Directors can also incentivise HAT research in their domain area by applying for or receiving funding to catalyse such research.

The current Area Research Directors are:

Phil Godsiff, University of Surrey
Domain area: Block Chains

Paul Maglio, UC Merced
Domain area: Cognitive Assistance

Janet McColl-Kennedy, University of Queensland
Domain area: Wellbeing

Suvi Nenonen, University of Auckland
Kaj Storbacka, University of Auckland
Domain area: Innovation of Markets

Youngjin Yoo, Case Western Reserve University
Domain area: Digital Innovation and Healthcare