HAT Research continues!

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HAT Research Continues!

There are HUGE plans for research as we move into the new year! Watch out for the list of our activities:


Click on the image for the RUMPEL flyer

The HAT is done – it’s stable to be built on and it’s ready. But it’s like saying, ‘I have a www or I have an operating system’. Not exciting. What we need is a killer app (and there can be many!) to get the HAT into a roll-out stage where it would be adopted by millions. So the research team now focuses on the second HAT project we have to deliver on – a personal resource planning system – the HARRIET project. And the HARRIET project will deliver – RUMPEL. What is RUMPEL? Hold on – let me explain.

First – when we say personal data, many people do not know what we mean! Do you mean my email address? Do you mean my credit card details? Or my address? Actually, it’s a lot more than that! But the problem we have is that we haven’t really SEEN our personal data – they are taken by the firms and we don’t even understand/haven’t seen what we have given away. Let me make this point clear: We don’t understand and value our own personal data because we haven’t really seen it. This is why we would so happily give it away for a chance to play a simple game etc. etc. For a market to happen, both sides must feel that a commodity is of value. Otherwise, it’s like us mining rubbish and giving it away. There will never be real prices and a market would not happen.

So what is this personal data? Well, there is your location on your phone, your Facebook postings, the music you listen to, etc. etc. BUT we have never seen them all in one place! So when we don’t have a way of seeing our data, we don’t feel precious about it. It’s like seeing bits of your clothing all over the place, but only when they come together in your wardrobe do you realise you have some good stuff and you can mix and match for your own benefit. RUMPEL therefore fulfills this important psychological function with your personal data – making it your own hyper data browser (our personal data wardrobe) with good data visualisations of your own data and allowing you to create bundles and collections. And in so doing, Rumpel must be able to ‘spin straw to gold’ – to make the human being feel his data has value to himself. There are many people who want to sell their data because they think it is valuable to firms. What they don’t understand is that an exchange of a precious commodity can happen only when BOTH SIDES value the data.  If RUMPEL can make you see real value of the data TO YOURSELF, you will demand more in exchange for it. But more importantly, the firms would also find your contextualised data more valuable as well!

Clearly Rumpel is a challenge of interaction design, user experience design and data visualisation. Yup, that’s why it’s a research project. But we should have Rumpel out by January 2016 because we have been working on it for awhile.

Second – when we give Rumpel over to our entrepreneurial team (HATDeX), we want our HAT Platform Providers (HPPs) to be profitable from selling apps like RUMPEL to help us with our data! RUMPEL is free for the first year of roll-out and after that, there would be a minimum cost (to be decided by the entrepreneurial HATDEX team -please ignore the £1 in the flyer – it is only a recommendation) and our HPPs would get a commission off that – the way Apple get a commission from their apps. This will help our HPPs get into revenues quickly – assuming they are ready to take on RUMPEL when it’s ready to launch. HPPs – are you ready to RUMPEL??????? 😉

The HARRIET project is managed by our resident Behavioral and Decision Researcher – Dr Ganna Pogrebna.


2. READiPEDEX (who comes up with all these acronyms!): METADATA, BLOCK CHAINS & CRYPTOCURRENCIES

The HAT begins its blockchain initiative! We will be conducting an open innovation competition for developers to access the feasibility and evaluate the impact of blockchain (and related technology) adoption in a really distributed personal data exchange.

We anticipate having Hackathon events for a three-month period from Jan 2016 to maximise access to a large quantity of innovative ideas on the following three objectives:

  1. Deploying Blockchain-enabled transaction script and distributed public ledger to facilitate live HAT2HAT (contextualised) data exchange in a distributed consensus;
  2. Developing Mining-alike process to discover contextualised packages for personal data configuration as the basic unit of exchange (in comparison with mining coins in Bitcoin); and
  3. Experimenting with Smart Contracts (Szabo, 1997) with embedded cryptocurrency payment (such as Bitcoin) for the HAT personal data exchange transactions in the ecosystem.

The Alpha community would  be a test bed for these interesting apps, so running the hackathons would be a way for developers to try their READiPEDEX apps in readiness for the full global launch of HAT in July 2016 (beta is in April). We have cash prizes as well!

READiPEDEX applications are blockchain (related) technology enabled, and we anticipate six applications – two addressing each objective – to be offered to the global HAT community. The applications will be tested and evaluated by the HAT and HARRIET teams against Innovatively, Compatibility and Scalability (as assessment categories), to derive one winning and two other shortlisted teams against each objective.

The READiPEDEX project is managed by HAT CTO Dr Xiao Ma.

Sssh….. we also have more research projects coming on the HAT as well – but we’ll let you know once we secure the funding!

Check out the HAT’s entrepreneurial activities!

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