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A revolutionary new way of conducting research

HAT Research gives academics real, privacy-preserving subject data and insights. End your reliance on simulations and surveys by gathering information on the behaviour of real research subjects, in real environments.

HATs are private ‘data accounts’ that you can give to study participants so that they can collect live research data in a way that preserves their privacy. These accounts would be legally owned by the study participants, having signed a data exchange agreement with you, the study owner, in order to give you the specific findings that you need.

Learn more at www.hubofallthings.com or go to marketsquare.hubofallthings.com/c/hatsondemand to request a HAT research environment for your project.

Step 1

Go to marketsquare.hubofallthings.com/c/hatsondemand

Step 2

Submit a request for the number of HATs you’re going to need for your research (pricing and provisioning details are available on the website). You will receive an email with an invitation code for your HATs, and instructions about how to on-board your study participants.

Step 3

Recruit your participants by asking them to sign up to their HATs using your invitation code, and pull the data you require into their HATs.

Step 4

Configure the data exchange contract between you and your study participants using the HAT’s DataBuyer service at databuyer.hubofallthings.com, where you will set up a ‘Data Offer’ to grab the data you need from your participants for the duration of your study, as well as any rewards you wish to give them in return for participating.

Currently available data

Profile (identity)
Fitbit (activity), Monzo (financial transactions), Twitter and Facebook (social media)
iPhone location
Notables (notes)
Note: Researchers are encouraged to collect data without PII (personal identitfy identifiers)

Step 5

Inform your participants about how to claim their Data Offer and participate in the study.

Step 6

At the conclusion of your study, the data you’ve gathered from your study participants will be available in a downloadable file format.

Some notes
If your study participants are already HAT users, steps 1-3 will not be required, and you should always remember that provisioning HATs for your study participants does not give you any rights to any of their data. HATs provide you with a way to capture and exchange the private data of your study participants that would be valuable for research. HATs are private, and they are legally owned by their users. They have the right to cancel any data transaction at any time, and you should always make sure you have the necessary ethics approvals from your institution to conduct your research.

Conducting more advanced HAT research?
You can unlock more powerful research capabilities in AI and personal data analytics by becoming a HAT provider with your own domain of user.institutionname.net. HAT providers can provision and configure deeper analytics over the data stored inside users’ HATs for themselves, giving them a greater degree of control over the findings they can secure for their research.

Next steps

  • Find out more about the HAT and how it can help your research by joining the HAT community
  • Submit your research papers to HAT tracks in conferences around the world, hosted by the HAT Living Labs research community.  Find out more about the research community at www.hatresearch.org/hall and join the HAT R & D Mailing List to be kept updated about our activities
  • Go to innovation.hubofallthings.com/c/contact to get involved with the HAT as an institutional partner


Available September 2017


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