HAT Track at 5th Naples Forum on Service

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Service researchers from around the world came together recently to discuss the Digitization and Datafication of Services at the recent 5th Naples Forum on Service, held in Sorrento, Italy on June 6-9.

Sponsored by the HAT Living Labs (HALL), the HAT parallel session took a data-driven perspective of Service Science, Service-Dominant Logic, and Network Theory in order to better explore the implications, challenges and direction of further digitization among services. Follow a Storify account of the HAT Track.

The following six abstracts were presented and discussed during this session:

Naples HAT Track Abstracts

•  A computational method to examine service business models by Zena Wood, Glenn Parry & David Walker

•  Personal data and the perception of individual vulnerability: an experiment by Alex Kharlamov, Glenn Parry, Ganna Pogrebna

•  An outside-in approach to business model innovation – customer context and digitalisation by Max Green

 Consumer perceived vulnerability, privacy calculus and information disclosure: an empirical investigation by Susan Wakenshaw, Mike Dixon, Irene Ng & Carsten Maple –

Engineering a personal data market: the Hub of all Things (HAT) –  by Susan Wakenshaw & Irene Ng

• Clicking away privacy: do users know (or care) about their personal data? – by Mel Smith

View the abstracts on the Naples Forum on Service website



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