HAT Briefing Paper Consultation

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HAT Briefing Paper Consultation

The HAT is a research project on engineering a market for personal data and therefore, designing the economic and business models relevant for this market. As such, we do not have many of the answers.
However, over the course of the research, we have done some substantial work and made decisions so that we can move forward to realising the vision. The work done is now articulated in three briefing papers, which are now open for consultation:



All three papers should be read in sequence for a full understanding of the project.
We would appreciate your feedback on these three papers, which you can provide in the comment box for this post. Specifically, please comment on:
  1. The logic, thought processes and methods used to arrive at the decisions in engineering the market for personal data
  2. What we might have missed, or should include in our decisions for engineering the market
  3. How should we move forward with this
  4. Any other comments on contributions you think would be useful for the team
  5. Where we did a good job, and where you think we can do better.
Consultation for this will end on 15 May 2015. Please share this post widely.

2 thoughts on “HAT Briefing Paper Consultation

    judith carr said:
    January 14, 2015 at 10:40 pm

    I think this is very impressive.

    As it is nearly the end of the consultation period I do not have much time to consider but here are my initial thoughts, such as they are.

    The setting up of a foundation is a really good idea, being proactive rather than reactive in regard to this new multi -sided market.

    The ultimate idea of course is to have many many HAT users. So, I feel there should be some sort of education element as regards personal data – metadata – etc. This would benefit all players as would HAT users would be more effective, (less passive possibly) and would develop customer awareness in terms of their data product. Thus should be financed by all players in some way

    HAT user – moving between providers – what happens to data already taken by old provider – this still has some value – do you continue to get smaller payments if used? Actually in terms of health data this is very apt scenario. Continuing the theme – what happens when the HAT user dies, but data is still valuable? again re health data this could be a very real scenario. Can the HAT personal data be bequeathed to someone? For how long? Would it be like copyright rules only for so long? This has to do with the data life cycle.

    HAT enabled devices – what happens if a device is sold on? HAT user have to disable connection or remove item from HAT personal platform, implications if do not?

    Tenancy of a HAT – earning money from data – what happens when the device is out of country of residence for a period – there are tax implications re the earnings, especially if data is geo specific – unlikely to be large amounts but needs to be considered. This will also effect holiday specific devices if there are such things!

    Internet providers – not being that technical – but there are areas in the UK where coverage is not adequate – having more and more HAT enable devices may have implications. Also would Internet providers be considered carriers, part of the supply chain and be part of the multi- sided market.

    Judith Carr

      HATadmin said:
      January 30, 2015 at 3:32 pm

      Thanks very much for your response Judith; we appreciate your views.

      We have now extended the consultation period for a few months, so please feel free to share any further thoughts you may have.

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