HAT Briefing Papers

The HAT is a research project on engineering a market for personal data and therefore, designing the economic and business models relevant for this market. As such, we do not have many of the answers. However, over the course of the research, we have done some substantial work and made decisions so that we can move forward to realising the vision. The work done is now articulated in the following six briefing papers (arranged in chronological order with the latest at the top):

Download “HAT Briefing Paper 6: Personal Data Exchange Ecosystem: Code of Practice Release 1” HAT-briefing-paper-6-FINAL.pdf – Downloaded 835 times – 3 MB


Download “HAT Briefing Paper 5: Rolling out HATs and Creating the Market for Personal Data - The HAT Foundation” briefingpaper5_V1.2.pdf – Downloaded 1339 times – 5 MB


Download “HAT Briefing Paper 4: HAT Personal Data Exchange Ecosystem: Technology Architecture” briefingpaper4_final1.1.pdf – Downloaded 2637 times – 16 MB


Download “HAT Briefing Paper 3: HAT Code of Practice on Personal Data” briefingpaper3_final.pdf – Downloaded 1376 times – 1 MB


Download “HAT Briefing Paper 2: HAT Economic Model of the Multi-Sided Market Platform and Ecosystem” briefingpaper2_final.pdf – Downloaded 1958 times – 4 MB


Download “HAT Briefing Paper 1: Engineering a Market for Personal Data” briefingpaper1_Finallatest.pdf – Downloaded 1565 times – 3 MB


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