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Journal Papers

Vendrell-Herrero, F., Parry G, Bustinza OF & Oliveira Gomes VE (2017) Digital business models: Taxonomy and future research avenues. Strategic Change: Briefings in Entrepreneurial Finance, 27 (2). pp. 87-90. ISSN 1099-1697,

Ng ICL & Wakenshaw S (2017) The Internet-of-Things: Review and Research Directions. International Journal of Research in Marketing, Vol 34, Issue 1.

Green M, Davies P & Ng I (2017) Two strands of servitization: A thematic analysis of traditional and customer co-created servitization and future research directions s. International Journal of Production Economics, Volume 192, Oct, pp. 40-53

Loomes G & Pogrebna G (2017) Do Preference Reversals Disappear When We Allow for Probabilistic Choice Management Science, 63 (1). pp, 166 -184.

Li, Zh, Loomes G, Pogrebna G. (2017). Ambiguity in Coordination Problems. Economic Journal,
Guo W,  Del Vecchio M & Pogrebna G  (2017) Global Network Centrality of University Rankings. Royal Society Open Science. 4: 171172.

Li, Zh, Loomes G & Pogrebna G (2016) Attitudes to Uncertainty in a Strategic Setting. Economic Journal, 127 (601). pp. 809-826. doi:10.1111/ecoj.12486

Perera C, Wakenshaw SYL, Baarslag T, Haddadi H, Bandara A, Mortier R, Crabtree A, Ng ICL, McAuley D, Crowcroft J (2016) Valorising the IoT databox : Creating value for everyone. Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies.

Chaudhry A, Crowcroft J, Howard H, Madhavapeddy A, Mortier R, Haddadi H, McAuley  D (2015). Personal Data: Thinking Inside the Box. Aarhus Series on Human Centered Computing, [S.l.], v. 1, n. 1, p. 4, oct. 2015. ISSN 2445-7221.

Parry, G., Brax, S., Maull, R. & Ng, I. (2015) Operationalising IoT for reserve supply: The development of Use-Visibility MeasuresSupply Chain Management: An International Journal. Vol. 21 Issue: 2, pp.228-244,

Ng I, Scharf K, Pogrebna G, Maull R (2015) Contextual Variety, Internet-of-Things and the Choice of Tailoring over Platform: Mass Customisation Strategy in Supply Chain Management. International Journal of Production Economics, Vol 159, Jan, pp 76-87.


Conference Abstracts

 Ng ICL & Wakenshaw S (2016) The Internet-of-Things: Review and Research Directions. LaLonde Service Management Conference, May 31-June 3,  La Londe les Maures, France

Chandler J, Akaka M, Danatzis I, Wernicke C, Reynolds D & Irene Ng (2016) Toward a Personal Resource Planning (PRP) Schema in Data Contextualization through the Hub-of-all-Things (HAT). Second Service Science Forum (SSFV2016), June 12-13, Venice, Italy

Pogrebna G (2015) Servitization through Human-Data Interaction: A Behavioural Approach. The Spring Servitization Conference 2015, May 18-20, Birmingham, UK

Ng ICL & Wakenshaw S (2015) Engineering a Platform for Personal Data as a Service: The Economic Model for the HAT (Hub of All Things). Naples Forum on Service , June 9-12, Naples, Italy

Wakenshaw S, Ma X & Ng ICL (2015) Serving Contexts in a Value-Creating Ecosystem. 14th International Research Symposium on Service Excellence in Management (QUIS14), June 18-21, Shanghai, China

Ng ICL & Pogrebna G (2015) Market for Personal Data and New Business Models24th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference, July 9-12, San Jose, California, USA

Ma X & Wakenshaw S (2015) Towards an Ecosystem of Digital Services: an Empirical Study on Internet of Things and Sensor as a Service. 24th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference, July 9-12, San Jose, California, USA


Conference Proceedings

Zhao J, Mortier R, Crowcroft J & Wang L (2018) Privacy-preserving Machine Learning Based Data Analytics on Edge Devices. AAAI/ACM Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Society (AIES2018)

Wang L (2017) Owl: A General-Purpose Numerical Library in OCaml. ICFP (International Conference on Functional Programming)

Kharlamov A & Parry G (2017) The Impact of Servitization and Digitization on the Financial and Economic Performance of the Firm: A Systematic Approach. International Conference on business Servitization, Nov 23-25, Barcelona, Spain

Zhao J , Mortier R, Crowcroft J & Wang L (2017) User-centric Composable Services: A New Generation of Personal Data Analytics, Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP), October 28-31, Shanghai, China.

Kharlamov A & Parry G (2017) Sharing personal data: a scoping study within the context of healthcare, British Academy of Management Conference 2017, Sept 5-7, Warwick, UK

Wakenshaw S & Ng I (2017)  Engineering a personal data market: Hub of all Things (HAT). 5th Naples Forum on Service, June 6-9, Sorrento, Italy

Kharlamov A, Parry G & Pogrebna G (2017) How Context and Data Types Shape Vulnerability towards Personal Data Risks: A Large-Scale Experimental Study. 5th Naples Forum on Service, June 6-9, Sorrento, Italy

Guo W, Gupta N, Pogrebna G & Jarvis SA (2016) Understanding Happiness in Cities using Twitter: Jobs, Children, and Transport, Proceedings of the IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, London, UK, Nov 29-30

Al Shami A., Guo W & Pogrebna,G (2016) Fuzzy Partition Technique for Clustering Big Urban Dataset. IEEE Technically Sponsored SAI Computing Conference, London, UK, July  13-15

Parry G, Brax SA, Maull R, Ng I (2015) Servitization of the home:  IoT development of Use-Visibility Measures. International Conference on business Servitization, November 18-21, Madrid, Spain

Al Shami A., Guo W & Pogrebna G (2015) Clustering Big Urban Data Sets. IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, Guadalajara, Mexico, Mexico, Oct 25-28

Oliver H (2015) The Automagic Box of Beauty: A prototypical smart device as use case example for user-centered decision support via the Hub-of-all-Things. SENSORNETS 2015, Feb 11-13, Angers, France. DOI: 10.5220/0005330000910096.  Conference Poster

Speed C & Barker C (2014)  New Domestic Locations: Reconfiguring the home through the Internet of Things. 20th International Symposium for Electronic Art (ISEA2014), Oct 30-Nov 8, Dubai, UAE.

Speed C & Luger E (2014) Seeing Behind Closed Doors. RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, Aug 27-29, London.

Speed C (2014) Imaging The Event. Cloud and Molecular Aesthetics: The Third International Conference on Transdisciplinary Imaging at the Intersections of Art, Science and Culture. Pera Museum, June 26-28, Istanbul, Turkey.

Ng ICLL, Scharf K & Maull R (2014) The Market for Contextual Offerings: The Multi-sided Market Platform of the Hub of-all-Things (HAT). 4th Forum on Markets and Marketing (FMM2014), June 16-19, Karlstad, Sweden

Ng ICL & Wakenshaw S (2014) The Role of Marketing in the Design and Innovation of Future Products in the Connected Digital Economy. AMA SERVSIG 2014 International Service Research Conference, June 13-15, Thessaloniki, Greece

Ng ICL & Wakenshaw SYL (2014) The Role of Marketing in the Design and Innovation of Future Products in the Connected Digital Economy. 13th International Research Conference in Service Management (La Londe), May 27-30, La Londe les Maures, France


Working Papers

Zhao J , Mortier R, Crowcroft J, Wang L (2017) User-centric Composable Services: A New Generation of Personal Data Analytic

Wang L, Catterall B, Mortier R. (2017) Probabilistic Synchronous Parallel

Kucirkova N,  Ng I & Holtby J (2017) From Mirrors to Selfies: Protecting Children’s Data for Personalised Learning and Future Growth.  UCL Institute of Education: London, UK

Pogrebna G & Guo W (2015) Multi-Sided Markets and Pricing for Big Personal Data: Smarter Cities and Citizens.

Impact Publications

Hub of All Things by Peter Ward, Digital Leaders 2015, Journal of The Chartered Institute for IT, pg 58-59

Towards A Smart Society by Charles Levy & David Wong – BIG Innovation Centre



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