HAT Platform Providers

As an indication of confidence in the HAT’s research and technology, two start-ups have been established by well-known funders in the UK and Singapore to scale up the HAT to 1 million users in 2015. These start-ups — Enable iD and Noggin Pte Ltd — are commercial HAT Platform Providers (HPP) who will provide the HAT to users in the UK and Singapore initially.

HPPs serve to host the individual’s HAT Personal Data Platform (HATPDP) as well as work with a community of application developers, dataset providers and middleware service providers to build applications based on personal data to serve HATDPDs. As such, the HPP itself is a multi-sided market that allows an ecosystem of innovation to flourish; this is the only way to ensure a variety of services and solutions that match with the diversity of data available on the HATPDP. Read more about the HAT Economic Model of the Multi-Sided Market Platform and Ecosystem.



Enable iD will be the first licensed provider of HAT-enabled products and services in the EU.

Enable iD is a specialist product & service design company building Internet of Things & personal data solutions. Its unique technology automates the creation and cross-platform delivery of highly personalised offers & services, whilst giving individuals visibility, ownership and complete control of their data.

The company specialises in helping organisations create smart environments that empower people to securely capture, combine and transform data into actionable insight. It focuses on key vertical sectors, analyses the market, and consider its challenges and opportunities, then design data driven products and services that improve customer experience and create mutual value. Its data management model ensures that personal information is only ever combined and transformed as specifically requested by individuals, and never shared with third parties.

Enable iD’s core platform is based on the Microsoft technology stack and Hub-of-All-Things (HAT), an open-source database schema designed to integrate IoT applications and the semantic web. The HAT provides a standardised logical data model and API’s that support the combination and secure management of product and personal data sets.

Enable iD is a joint venture between Stratford-upon-Avon-based software development house Enable International, The Sunday Times TopTrack 250 chief executive Denys C. Shortt OBE, and marketing technology specialist Chris Thompson.


Noggin is founded by two entrepreneurs Lai Chwang Chua and Kong Soon Chak who both have vast corporate and entrepreneurial experience in the information technology industry. Noggin is also supported by Stream Global, an incubator/accelerator in Singapore.

Noggin’s objective is to create and nurture an ecosystem that will give data access to individuals, as well as developers who can create smart apps to help individuals manage and use their data. The company is looking into collaborating with the relevant government agencies to access vast number of data sets made available by the Singapore government through data.gov.sg and one map.sg. The firm is also promoting the HAT to the largest community of start-ups in Singapore.


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