Playing with the Pre-Alpha HAT

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Playing with the Pre-Alpha HAT

id-10022084Thank you to all HAT followers for joining us on this adventurous and exciting journey to regain control of our data from disparate datasets sitting in various sectors, to bring it into the Hub of All Things: The HAT.

Our vision with the HAT is to add value to our personal data by truly personalising it via re-bundling according to how we use our data to make decisions, so that our data can become the basic unit of exchange in a multi-sided market platform for personal data. And by enabling us all to do so, we hope the HAT will become the basis for new economic and business models  in the era of the IoT (Internet of Things).

In Oct 2015, we are one step closer to the HAT vision, as we release the HAT technical briefing paper and the pre-Alpha HAT to the development community, to understand better the HAT-based personal data ecosystem and have a play with the HAT. (Visit for further details and to download the pre-Alpha HAT)

In brief, the HAT consists of a database schema, a data logic layer and APIs within a trust framework that enables individuals to self-service (contain, transform, bundle and exchange all types of personal data) their personal data to reveal their contextualised insights and share the right information (quality and quantity) with the right people, in the right situations, for the right purposes and to gain the benefits.

In this pre-Alpha HAT, we have the following:

1. The full relational database schema for contextualising an individual’s data in a way that it makes sense to the data owner

2. APIs for writing inbound data plugs to import the individual’s data into their HAT APIs for contextualising incoming data into the 5 categories of:

  • People (yourself and the people you interact with);
  • Things (what you use or interact with, especially those IoT devices);
  • Events (what happens to you or what you do in time);
  • Locations (where is the stuff around you is happening);
  • Organisations (what organisations or institutions these activities relate to)

3. APIs to tag (when applicable) these entities and each of their properties with Types and Units of Measurement

4. Data-bundling APIs for selecting what data can be shared with other users and organisations (without contextualisation, contextualised bundle will be available in HAT alpha release)

5. Direct Data Debit implementation to allow others to request access to the data bundles, to grant or withdraw access to data debits and to access linked data when approved.

We also included a demonstrator authentication implementation to grant correct accessibility to API clients based on their assigned privileges credentials (username and password). While you are playing with the pre-Alpha HAT, we will be busy getting the APIs in shape, including making the Data-bundling API to support contextualised data, advanced grouping of such data and to ensure compliance with the HAT Code of Practice (CoP).

The pre-Alpha HAT is written in Scala (2.11.6) and sits on the following technology stack:

• PostgreSQL relational database (version 9.4)
• Spray REST/HTTP toolkit (version 1.3.3)
• Akka (version 2.3.9)
• Slick as the database access layer (version 2.1)

Detailed configuration guides are available at our GitHub repository, including the API documentation.

With this pre-Alpha HAT you would be able to connect to any data source (that offers open API) to the HAT, transforming them into HAT schema and contextualising them. We hope that you will use the pre-Alpha HAT to build middle wares to connect other data sources to the HAT, hyper data browsers to enable users to view and understand their previous desperate data, and analytical services to reveal patterns of how people re-bundle their personal data in their living context.

The pre-Alpha HAT is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. This means that you can use, copy and redistribute the pre-Alpha HAT in any medium or format, as long as it is in its original form (without remix, transform, or build upon) and your work is not for commercial purposes. To view a copy of this license, visit

If you are interested in the commercial license of the HAT, it will soon be available as part of membership with the HATecosystem which will give HAT Platform Service Providers (HPPs) and HAT Application Providers (HAPs) the ability to interoperate globally and tap into HAT Data Exchange (HATDeX) services such as certification, compliance and aggregate metadata services (to show favourite bundles, collections etc.). Read this blogpost for more about the HATDeX.

If you simply just want a HAT and don’t want to get hands dirty with too much tech muddling, come Nov 2015 we will be able to offer you the Alpha HAT. This will be available to individuals and organisations on a freemium basis, along with some initial applications provided by our HAT Platform Providers (HPPs), the first two of which are Enable iD in the UK and Europe, and Noggin Pte Ltd in Singapore.


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    JLanka Solar Power said:
    October 2, 2015 at 4:47 pm

    The “pre-Alpha HAT” link is not working in the following paragraph.

    “…..In Oct 2015, we are one step closer to the HAT vision, as we release the HAT technical briefing paper and the pre-Alpha HAT to the development community, …”

    I guess that the correct link is this :

      HATadmin said:
      October 28, 2015 at 3:53 pm

      Thanks for the heads-up – we’ve now fixed this so that the link goes to the actual pre-Alpha download.

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