Creating Impact

Academic Impact

The HAT project contributes to academic impact in building research capacity in the domain of value, economic and business models through a service-dominant logic approach. This is achieved by providing a methodological approach to developing contextual archetypes at the point of usage of products and services, and then generating new business and economic models.

Industrial Impact

Industrial impact is achieved through the development of new UK technology businesses by identifying new opportunities available through the HAT. The creation of a Multi-Sided Market Platform (MSMP) for the Internet-of-Things to generate new economic and business models will help develop new services and businesses. The project will also help UK manufacturers lead in the digital economy, as they produce smart, contextual and connected things for global markets, creating horizontal business and economic models that integrate connectivity, content and social lives.

Policy Impact

The HAT project will inform current policies on personal data privacy and legal issues. By creating a platform for digital labour, we aim to demonstrate how markets could be created from incentivising more digital visibility in return for offerings to serve lived lives. The project also impacts on future digital economy research, informing initiatives that integrate social science and economics disciplines much closer to the challenges of Digital Economy and technology-driven research.