National Importance

  • It will contribute to the development of economics and social science disciplines and more¬†importantly, integrate these disciplines with technology to address the challenges of the Digital Economy.
  • Recognising the crucial importance of Digital Economy research to UK competitiveness, the HAT project directly addresses the biggest gap in the Digital Economy: the lack of any research pertaining to digital economies as economic systems (central finding of the RCUK Digital Economy (DE) Impact Review, Collins et al. 2012).
  • It will lead to the development of new UK technology businesses by identifying new opportunities available through the HAT. By creating a Multi-Sided Market Platform for the Internet-Of-Things (IOT) to generate new economic and business models, and providing academic leadership in the understanding of future IOT, we hope to establish UK leadership both in research and in industry for business and market leading offerings in this space.
  • It could be the platform for future health and wellbeing interventions within the home that includes the role of the market. The project hopes to achieve density and ubiquity of digital visibility across more things, so that systems of visible lived lives could create new offerings to enable better quality of life from family to health and wellbeing.


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