Research Implications

The HAT project is a £1.2m multi-disciplinary project funded by the Research Councils UK (RCUK) Digital Economy Programme. It involves 7 academic investigators (check us out) with a team of researchers from the domain of Economics, Business, Computing and the Arts across 6 UK universities of Warwick, Surrey, Nottingham, Cambridge, West England and Edinburgh.

The project’s objective is to create the HAT (Hub-of-All-Things), a Multi-Sided Market Platform (MSMP) for connected services and products through a home information hub powered by the Internet-of-Things (IOT).

Research Implications

The implications of the HAT are profound for the individual, as well as for businesses supplying products and services.

  • The HAT digital vault (which could be server-at-home, cloud-based or a hybrid of the two) will store all data collected in the home. Crucially, all data generated by the individual is owned by the individual. This means that the data worth in every sense from a vertical dataset (such as consumption of medicine) to the relational dataset (such as the linkages between several objects e.g. food, fitness and medicine) is owned by the individual.

It can only be used with explicit permission from the individual  for the time period stipulated by the individual.

Such data could be exchanged with firms for personalised products or services that would enhance lives, and could inform and empower individuals for better decisions and behaviours.

  • The HAT is also a data hub for manufacturers, a platform where they can place the use data of their objects to be integrated with data on individuals’ interactions and lives, to enrich the individuals personal dataset. This personal dataset could in turn be exchanged with manufacturers through the HAT platform for greater innovation and continued relationships with customers through innovative manufacturing business models of the future.

This approach ensures that, for the first time, as individuals, we can benefit from, and ultimately exchange, the growing repository of data about our lives and habits with businesses who want to serve our needs and wants with their future offerings.

The HAT is therefore the first marketplace for the personal data economy, bringing together Internet companies as well as manufacturing communities.